Durango government to explore train to Mazatlán


The federal government and that of Durango are exploring the possibility of constructing a rail line that would connect Durango city to the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Speaking at his morning press conference on Friday, President López Obrador said Durango Governor José Rosas Aispuro had requested federal support for the project.

“He spoke to me about expanding and better connecting the port of Mazatlán,” said López Obrador. “Even though it’s in Sinaloa, he says that the development of the port is very important for the development of Durango, and the possibility of a Durango-Mazatlán rail line.”

The president also said he had spoken with Governor Aispuro about water projects, including an aqueduct to carry water to the Laguna region in eastern Durango, and the construction of a second dam on the Tunal river to supply water to Durango city.

“I want to make a promise: we are going to build an aqueduct to bring water to the Laguna,” he said. “I will make a commitment to that because, of all the demands, I think that one is the most important, the most urgent, because it has to do with health.”

He noted that improving water infrastructure in the Laguna is important because the water consumed by Laguna residents has high levels of arsenic.

“The aquifers of the Laguna are being overexploited,” he said. “And the reality is, there is pollution, the water is contaminated with arsenic. We can’t fix this problem with arsenic treatment plants.”

The president also reaffirmed his commitment to cancel a Metrobús project in the Laguna region.

“My position is that we can’t do projects that are against the will of the people,” he said. “Nothing can be done by force, and that project is very unpopular.”

The president conducted an opinion poll on the project by asking for a show of hands at a meeting in Torreón in June. The vast majority of those present at the meeting, held to dish out social program funds, were against it.

Source: MND