Governor starts the dredging of the Sinaloa river in Guasave.

  • The governor of the state also began the work of sanitary drainage in Los Angeles del Triunfo, and took his Support Day “Puro Sinaloa” to UPES

Guasave, Sinaloa, August 10, 2019.- On an intense work tour through the municipality of Guasave, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel launched the dredging works of the Sinaloa River as it passes through the city, which will consist of a Desolve of 500 thousand cubic meters in a total length of 5 kilometers, which will prevent floods and public health risks, but also boost tourism activity.

Accompanied by the municipal president of Guasave, María Aurelia Leal López, the state president gave the symbolic flag of these works, which will be executed by personnel of the Secretariat of the Navy, for which he made a public thanks to the secretary of the Navy, Almirante José Rafael Ojeda Durán, as well as the undersecretary of Marina, the Sinaloa and also Admiral Eduardo Redondo Arámburo, with whom he managed this work just a few weeks ago, and that now with the start of work is a reality.

For that reason, he asked the ship’s captain, Rolando Enrique Sánchez Méndez, who made the technical explanation of the work, to convey this thanks to the admirals.

In his message, the state leader considered that the dredging of the Sinaloa River is a fundamental work for Guasave, since it will avoid the risk of flooding with the flooding of the river in the rainy season.

As Mayor María Aurelia Leal López mentioned in her speech, referring to the continuation of the construction work on the bridge over the Sinaloa River, the state governor commented that the conflict was effectively unlocked in the case of compensation with the affected individuals, negotiation that he recognized was costly but pointed out that it would be more expensive not to continue with the bridge, whose investment is 100 million pesos.

In addition, the mayor said that the Guasavenses can have the confidence and tranquility that floods will no longer occur thanks to the dredging of the river, which devastated the city years ago.

On the other hand, the state governor announced a new investment of 20 million pesos for the construction and rehabilitation of drains in the city of Guasave, especially the whole area adjacent to the “Francisco Carranza Limón” baseball stadium, whose side streets commonly They flood.

In this regard, prior to this event that was held in the place known as “El Vado”, on the banks of the Sinaloa River, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel and Mayor María Aurelia Leal López, were in the community of Los Angeles del Triunfo, to start the work of introducing the second stage of sanitary drainage, for the benefit of the 4,200 people who live there.

This second stage will have an investment of close to 17 million pesos, which will be added to the 14.5 million pesos invested last year in the first stage, said the Secretary of Social Development, Ricardo Madrid Pérez, who accompanied the President, like the Secretary of Public Works, Osbaldo López Angulo.

When addressing the beneficiary families, Governor Ordaz Coppel said that his government has focused on addressing the problem of sanitary sewers, because it is a public health issue, because when the rains come, they collapse and overflow the sewage streets.

Then, the state president returned to the municipal seat, at the facilities of the Pedagogical University of the State of Sinaloa (UPES), which was the headquarters of the “Puro Sinaloa” Support Day, number 50, where about nine were offered thousand services, just over two thousand attendees who benefited from them, figures until 1:00 p.m.

Dredging the Sinaloa River:

359 thousand 270 cubic meters of stone material (first stage)

132 thousand 193 cubic meters of stone material (second stage)

491 thousand 463 cubic meters of stone material

Sanitary drainage of Los Angeles del Triunfo:

16 million 849 thousand 842 pesos of investment

4,217 inhabitants benefited

Accumulated from the 49 Support Days (Up to San Miguel Zapotitlán):

371,081 services provided

Source: rasnoticias

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