Bust of Jacques Cousteau to be installed in Mazatlan


Cousteau stands out for being the co-inventor in 1943 of the regulators used, even today, in autonomous diving independently of cables and air supply pipes from the surface

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced that they will promptly install in Mazatlan the bust of the great French sailor Jacques Cousteau, the famous ‘Oceanographic Technician’ of the twentieth century, who contributed his knowledge in well of marine conservation, highlighted by its documentaries as “The Underwater World of Jacques Cousteau”, making it the most famous of the disseminators of the underwater world.

“We are seeing where to put a bust that is already done, the State Government did it, that of Jacques Cousteau, the great sailor, in such a way that that would be the one that is coming soon for Mazatlan,” the mayor announced.

Part of his biography indicates that Jacques Cousteau was an underwater photographer and cinematographer, as well as being one of the first people to defend the marine environment from pollution, passionate about finding and describing all the species that inhabit the seas of the globe, and highlighting one of his greatest inventions, being the co-inventor in 1943 of the regulators used, still currently, in autonomous diving independently of cables and air supply pipes from the surface.

Benítez Torres said that these types of initiatives are going well for Mazatlan, as is the case of the project to create the image of the author of the Mazatlan Corrido, José Alfredo Jiménez, who said he will be welcomed to the city.

You can learn more about Jacques Cousteau in this new film

‘ Jacques ‘ is a ‘biopic’ about the French marine explorer focusing on its most human side. The French actor Lambert Wilson , whom we saw as a monk in ‘ De Dios y Hombres ‘, plays Jacques Cousteau . The director of the film, Jérôme Salle , has shown his statement of intent in front of the character: “portray a man who, in my opinion, symbolizes the twentieth century. Your mistakes, your excesses and evolutions too. The questions asked by this man during his life address issues that remain current . ” The film talks about the family life of the oceanographer, among other things about the problems with his wife and especially about the relationship with his son Philippe .

‘ Jacques ‘, the film that goes into the life of the famous commander, is the account of some of the passages of his existence. A free adaptation of some books dedicated to his life: ‘ My Father, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau ‘, by his son Jean-Michel , and ‘ Capitaine de la Calypso ‘, written by Albert Falcó , his close collaborator for more than four decades

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