80% of the animals “rescued” from circuses died after Mexico Green Pary bill became law


The Green Party presented a bill to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. When it was approved, the deputies of this party assured that there were “alternatives” to house them. However, a year later, 80% of animals “rescued” from circuses died. Few were fortunate enough to arrive at a zoo, most were bought by collectors, taxidermists or traffickers of endangered species.

In December 2014, the Green Party introduced the General Wildlife Law, which prohibited the use of wild animals in circus shows. Circus owners were asked to provide a list of the copies they had to “send them to the most suitable site.” The deputies of this party assured that there were more than 12 thousand places where they could receive them.

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Since the initiative was presented, many said it was an irresponsible proposal, because it had been poorly plannedThe vast majority of animals would be sacrificed or abandoned.

A year ago, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) conducted a census in which it registered that the circuses had almost 1,300 animals. As of today, they have not been able to survive more than 300. The majority were bought by private collectors, taxidermists or traffickers of endangered species and, according to the General Directorate of Wildlife of the Semarnat, ” now they are turned into rugs .”


Teresa Moreno, the person in charge of the Semarnat to keep track of the animals in the circuses, said that few animals are still alivesome are in sanctuaries or were delivered to zoos, but they are sick, another have been abandoned by circuses.

“I had to get the delivery documents of all the animals; One hundred percent surrendered alive . However, 80 percent is not or is in unfavorable conditions . ”(Via Milenio)

Semarnat only verified that the legal provisions were complied with so that there were no wild animals giving circus shows. No authority was responsible for verifying the sale or destination of the animals.

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Joel González Moreno, director-general of Inspection and Surveillance of Marine Resources and Coastal Ecosystems of the Federal Office of Environmental Protection, said that the agency had no legal obligation to encourage the creation of sanctuaries, but that there were enough to house to the animals.

Very few animals were taken to zoos or hatcheries. The owners of the circuses, trying to avoid the sanctions, topped their animals. The vast majority ended up in private collections. Since there were not many interested buyers, neither Semarnat nor the circuses verified who they were.

”Yes, they showed up as registered people. They resold the animals and, yes, many of those specimens are turned into rugs … The market realized that situation and took advantage. An animal that was worth 100 pesos, finished in 3 ”(Via Milenio)


González Moreno argues that nobody benefited from this law, or circuses, businessmen or, much less, animals. The Semarnat official that this law has been a real tragedy.

“The tents were emptied because there was no public; the circuses began to close, some sold their trucks, pieces of tents and animals. They finally broke. It is a social tragedy, because it was a healthy entertainment for everyone; an economic tragedy that had an impact on circus families and those who indirectly had a profit: suppliers and artists, and on the animal side it was another tragedy. ”(Via Milenio)


Even the few animals that were able to reach a zoo suffered depression and, in some cases, died, as they were ripped to the place they were used to. Many specimens began to suffer from diseases that did not manifest during their stay at the zoo. Despite having a larger habitat, they could not adapt.

“It turns out that the first days, when people stopped to see them, they automatically formed, as if they were in a circus performance, nobody gave them instructions.” (Via Milenio)

The Green Party proposal is the perfect example of a loosely structured law. Without a doubt, it was essential to create a law that protected wild animals. But, before prohibiting the use of animals in circus shows, a program to give these specimens a home should be created. This is one of the many proposals of the Green Party that, in the short term, provide votes, but, in the long term, cause catastrophic results.

Source: plumasatomicas, milenio

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