AMLO cut of tourism council leads to growth rates of 0.0% at the end of 2019


Tourism in Mexico accumulates 18 months in deceleration and is facing a “perfect storm” that would lead to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the sector at growth rates close to 0.0% at the end of 2019.

The director of the Faculty of Tourism of the Universidad Anáhuac, Francisco Madrid, explained that the so-called industry without chimneys reports “worrying figures” in terms of international tourists; especially in the arrival of travelers from the United States.

He pointed out that, after achieving growth rates of 10% in foreign travelers between 2012 and 2017, this segment reduced its progress by half during the last year and a half; with a maximum rate of 5.4% at the end of last May.

He said that given the greater perception of insecurity in different regions and tourist centers of the country; The arrival of hospitalization tourists – who contribute 85% of the income of the sector – barely grew 1% during the first four months of 2019.

In particular, Madrid said, the air arrival of US travelers – who represent 60% of all visitors that Mexico captures – decreased 0.4% between January and June 2019; which speaks of the seriousness of the problem.

He evidenced that even when the official figures, published by Inegi, report that the capture of foreign exchange by tourism registered an increase of almost 15% at the end of last May; Hoteliers warn that tourists are not arriving with the same frequency, which puts their income at risk.



In an interview with Publimetro, the director of the Faculty of Tourism of the Universidad Anáhuac, explained that, in line with the deceleration of the Mexican economy, tourism of national origin also registers and could even enter a negative face at the end of the year.

“75% of the tourist economy, of tourist consumption, is done by Mexicans who travel to the interior of the country. So this economic slowdown impacts and will impact the activity in the coming months.

“Today we are in a less bad time, for summer vacations; that will boost national tourism for three more weeks. But it is expected that – sooner or later – economic weakness affects tourism activity.

“It would not be surprising if tourism GDP, from the last quarter of 2019, grows less than the national GDP. And if the projections of the latter are up to 0: 2%; indeed, tourism GDP would be closer to zero percent, ”said Francisco Madrid.


The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (inegi) reported that, during May, the country’s tourism activity recorded the following figures:

  • Seven million 766 thousand visitors: three million 463 thousand 238 international and four million 303 thousand 506 hikers.
  • The first figure represented a 5.4% decrease; in front of the eight million 213 thousand 610 travelers who entered Mexico in the same month of 2018.
  • Currency income reported an amount of 937.2 million dollars; equivalent to annual growth of 14.7%.

Source:  Publimetro , inegi , Faculty of Tourism of the Universidad Anáhuac

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