Seafood sales on Isla de la Piedra remain at 80%


Treasurer Ernesto Gonzales Cambero said that the biggest sale is obtained by local people, since despite seeing a lot of tourism in Mazatlan, most do not buy the product

Mazatlan, Sin.- The sale of fresh seafood at the pier of the Isla de la Piedra remains at 80 percent levels, a figure that does not meet the expectations of the sellers, because of the influx of visitors who are in Mazatlan, expected to reach 100 percent levels, said Ernesto Gonzales Cambero.

The treasurer of the jetty said that the national tourist is the one that consumes the least product since the biggest sale is obtained from local people, where what they acquire most is the snapper, the sierra, the crab, and the chigüili.         

“We expect to remain at 80 percent this week.”

Has this holiday period been what you expected?

“No, we expected 100 percent, but there have been 80, 70, 85, he has not wanted to go up, nor has he gone down, but we have had sales here with the local people.”

Gonzales Cambero considered it important to carry out some activity in coordination with some restaurants in order to obtain higher sales, since they are currently not benefiting 100 percent, since the vacationer who arrives at the port comes with everything paid and even the food on the sites of lodging.    


“The tourist does not consume, because they really already come with the packages included, we should also focus on having more activity with restaurant or outside people.” 

The treasurer said that what gives them a break in their economy is the return to classes since the various high schools, high schools, and even universities in the city make large orders for seafood since they acquire them at affordable prices so they can sell them to the students in different stews. 

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