Mexico Brain Drain: Better Canada than Mexico


It seems unbelievable that Canada today offers opportunities to support Start´s Up entrepreneurs that Mexico has truncated for the sake of austerity.

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Canada offers migration opportunities to professionals today especially when they are related to key sectors that the nation wants to promote.

That there is a much better environment for the deployment of entrepreneurial projects and even visas and financing for entrepreneurial projects that have innovative principles.

The support that Mexico has canceled for its young people.

The temptation to take advantage of the legal advantages that this nation extends to “productive migration” is very relevant today.

Today Canada has better opportunities for Start´s Up´s than Mexico offers anything. In exchange for withstanding very low temperatures for almost six months, there is citizen security, legal security, financing at lower rates and a much better located entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Although there is no official data available, because it is in the process of being obtained, it can be said that there are more than 100 Mexican companies in Canada. The vast majority with a relevant innovation component: impact and even disruptive companies.

The Mexican is the fifth ethnic minority in Canada formed primarily by professionals and business executives. In Mexico, there are more than 2,500 shareholding companies with Canada.

We are as close as a three-and-a-half-hour flight between Cancun and Toronto. That is why in 2018 more than 2 million Canadians traveled to Cancun or the Riviera Maya. 70% who traveled to Quintana Roo made it to the Riviera Maya and of that 70 percent 60% stayed to live for more than a month and a half, people of more than 55 years mostly already retired from working life and with relevant purchasing capabilities.

There are many Canadians who make Quintana Roo their second home where they spend up to six months running away from the cold. So important is this community that there is a relevant investment of several hundred million Canadian dollars to establish precisely in the area of ​​the Riviera Maya a third-level hospital complex in which Canadian capitals participate but in whose process of realizing there is no Only Mexican capital but Mexican talent in the landing of the business project.

It is going to be a hospital complex that Canada’s visitors have suggested and that will respond to those needs; to a community of tourists over 65 years of age and going to Quintana Roo to enjoy the general beauty, the weather and the warmth of the people.

One of those Mexican positions that play a relevant role in the “roundtrip of capitals from Canada to Mexico and from Mexico to Canada” is Guillermo Cruz who began in Toronto three years ago with the idea of ​​linking Mexicans in Canada since Memo married a young Canadian.

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And from that idea of ​​”let’s see each other on September 15 and link our nostalgia for tacos to the pastor” Guillermo Cruz ended up forming an organization (Mexico Business Club) that today integrates both Mexicans interested in investing and producing in Canada and, Canadians with intention of landing their investments in Mexico.

The issue impacts several cities and privileges the arrival of companies related to real estate, clean technologies, and biotechnology. Companies in the knowledge economy.

The MC LAW OFFICE firm, made up of Mexicans, now links Canadian capitals to establish themselves in Mexico and facilitates the arrival of Mexicans in Canada.

As soon as MEXICO BUSINESS CLUB has signed agreements with LATAM STARTUP that allows Mexican projects that graduate in that incubator may have a STARTUP VISA and free passage to Canada to perform their productive functions.

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They also have an agreement with COMCE that promotes investor relations between the two countries and with PRO QUINTANA ROO, which is the tourism promotion center of the leading entity in receiving tourists from abroad.

Interest grows and investments multiply. More and more Mexicans are looking for an environment conducive to entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial development in Canada that, of course, they do not find but cannot find in the United States either.

To the fortunes of Canada and the sadness of Mexicans; See that in the country the conditions to get ahead with your dreams has been complicated in a generous way.

What would happen if Canada “filled” with Mexicans / Hispanics

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