The Mayor of El Rosario Sinaloa inaugurates the Callejón Pánuco


* The Loma de Santiago alley was renewed 
* Celebrations of the 364 anniversary of El Rosario

El Rosario.- In the framework of the celebrations of the 364 anniversary of the foundation of the municipality of El Rosario, the Mayor, Manuel Antonio Pineda Dominguez inaugurated the Pánuco alley formerly called Loma de Santiago.

The First Edil commented that this alley is full of history because it is the first street that existed in the municipality.

“Precisely in this area was where El Rosario was born, this was El Rosario Antiguo. I wanted to inaugurate it today in the framework of the anniversary of the municipality, it was my campaign commitment, it was an impassable street, ”he said.

Together with the renovation of the alley, an urban mural full of color was inaugurated, accompanied by lights that give it a colonial touch.

“One of the successes of our government is to give the plus to those colonial alleyways with color, which have become an attraction for tourism, tourism is coming and there is an economic benefit. We have several murals and we have in mind to do more, ”he said.

Pineda Domínguez invited the population to participate in the festivities of the 364 anniversary of the founding of El Rosario

“We will have a popular dance, it will be a totally familiar event, we invite the people of Rosario and all the visitors who come to be part of the parties,” he invited.

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