Amazon inaugurates its largest distribution center in Latin America and is in Mexico


The e-commerce company has three distribution centers in Mexico, all in the State of Mexico.

Alfredo Del Mazo, the Mexican governor, stressed the importance of investing in processes supported by the use of technology, as Amazon does.

Amazon opened its third distribution center (Cedis) in Mexico on Wednesday in Tepotzotlán, which, with its more than 100,000 square meters, is the largest in Latin America.

“These facilities have more than 100 thousand square meters, an approximate of 18 soccer fields, is the fourth building that is made in the State of Mexico, where we have made an accumulated investment of more than 125 million dollars,” he said in the inauguration framework Luis Correa, director of operation of Amazon Mexico.

The firm has three distribution centers in Mexico, all in the State of Mexico, two in Cuautitlán Izcalli and now in Tepotzotlán.

Aldo Gutierrez

The manager added that Cedis provides employment to more than 1,500 people, its construction took nine months and operations began in May 2018.

“When you have such a large building you do not start 100 percent, we will continue to see that we make modifications, as the needs of the customers change by sending more products and adding more categories, we are redesigning and changing the system,” he explained during a tour executive.

When questioned about new distribution centers that could be at the door in Mexico, Correa said they do not speculate about the future.

“We do not speculate in the future, but obviously as we grow we have to come more, then we continue in the growth stage.”

Correa also declined to comment on an alleged new Cedis in Querétaro that Reuters reported last year.

Aldo Gutierrez

“Amazon has trusted us since it arrived in 2015 with its centers in Cuautitlán Izcalli and now Tepotzotlán, it is an important investment for the State of Mexico that has been consolidating as a great logistics center for the industry,” added Enrique Jacob Rocha, secretary of economic development for the State of Mexico.

The company of Jeff Bezos arrived in Mexico in 2015, at the end of 2018 he was placed for the second consecutive year as the main player of electronic commerce, with 36.54 percent of the market, above Mercado Libre (35.26 percent) and Walmart ( 15.38 percent), according to Euromonitor.

Del Mazo appreciates the trust in Edomex

When inaugurating the new Cedis, the governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo Del Mazo , assured that the entity’s competitive advantages, such as its geographical location in the center of the country, its extensive communications infrastructure or its skilled workforce, They strengthen the state as one of the most important logistics points in the country.

He stressed that Amazon’s new distribution center, located in Tepotzotlán, is the largest in both Mexico and Latin America, so it recognized this leader in the international market for the trust placed in the Mexican entity.

“We are very pleased with Amazon’s confidence in the State of Mexico today; the four centers and offices that Amazon has in our country are installed in the State of Mexico, and today we are launching this new center of distribution, the largest in all of Latin America, with more than 100 thousand square meters of space, equivalent to 18 soccer fields, and which is a benchmark equal to that of the largest centers of operation in the United States, “he said.

Also, Del Mazo stressed the importance of investing in processes supported by the use of technology, as Amazon does, and that has placed this company in the world forefront, by betting on processes that break paradigms and position it as one of the five largest companies in the world.

He added that, by prioritizing quality customer service and innovating in its business model, Amazon has achieved global revenues of more than 233 billion dollars and assets valued at 163 billion dollars, employing more than 647 thousand people in the world and currently has about 300 million customers.

Also accompanied by the mayor of Tepotzotlán, Ángel Zuppa Núñez, the state president said that, as a result of the investment that Amazon allocated to this new distribution center, they will add about 3,500 jobs in the four centers and said that the Mexican administration supports This type of projects and encourages the attraction of more investments for the benefit of society.

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