Mexico, king of the mountain at the Pan American Games


Gerardo Ulloa climbed the top of the podium by dominating the Morro Solar circuit.

Gerardo Ulloa completed the dominance of Mexico in mountain biking at the 2019 Pan American Games Lima, with a victory of one hour, 25 minutes and three seconds, over the 4.2 kilometers traveled in the Morro Solar circuit.

Gerardo Ulloa was simply the best among the 18 participants who finished the tour because his compatriot Jaime Miranda was one of four who did not finish the test.

Ulloa never put the gold medal at risk, far exceeded Brazil’s Henrique da Silva, who scored 1:27:08 hours and stayed 2:04 minutes away from the champion.

The Chilean Martín Vidaurre always remained in third place and eventually timed 1:27:31 hours, 2:28 minutes away from the now champion of America.

Previously, his compatriot Daniela Campuzano took a resounding victory in one hour, 30 minutes and 45 seconds and usually was always ahead of the group of participants, to cross the finish line.

In this way he sent the second place to Argentina’s Sofía Gómez, who registered 1:31:06 hours, 21 seconds apart from the winner, and third to the Brazilian Jaqueline Mourao, who scored 1:31:12.

The other Mexican, Adriana Gutierrez stayed in the 14th place with 1:40:24 hours, 9:38 minutes away from the gold.

 Ulloa considered that having ended up with a considerable advantage over his rivals was not budgeted, given that the Chilean Martín Vidaurre had an explosive start and that forced him to change his strategy to start his takeoff.

“From the beginning, the Chilean looked strong and started hard. Then we tried to get in and change our plan. It opened and I started to make a difference,” said the cyclist.

He said he never thought of having a two-minute advantage, since in mountain biking everything can happen and more when breakdowns occur, such as the one in Chile.

“I thought that the dispute for the first places would be in the last laps, where it is when the race begins to be fought. The truth was not expected to end like this, but that motivates me,” he added.

 N The day began with the overwhelming victory of Daniela Campuzano.

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