Mazatlan reinforces operations against street vendors in tourist areas


So far, Senior Police have a record of 3,177 authorized permits to street vendors

Mazatlan, Sin.- With the beginning of the holiday period, there was also the proliferation of semi-fixed street vendors in different areas of the port, especially those related to the tourist strip, which is why the staff of the Chief Officials reinforce the operations and inspections to avoid increase the standard, said Rafael Vinicio Parra Alanís.

The deputy director of Commerce reported that currently the register is made up of 3,177 permits, which are divided into the four tianguis that are in the municipality and the first, second and third square of the city; He acknowledged that there are tolerated people, but they also have obligations and pay floor rights.

Many times they are people who have a disability or lack of financial resources, they may have a disease that needs recourse and through the sale of an item they cover their medical expenses. They should not be called tolerated because they still pay floor rights on a daily basis, they are not exempt from a charge from the municipality.

He reiterated that in case of being detected without the corresponding permission, they are given the first notice to regularize their situation or withdraw, the second step is to take an administrative record that comes with an economic sanction, equivalent to the fault and could later withdraw their products, this last resort applies to those who incur or resist compliance with the regulations.

He stressed that at the moment the current administration does not plan to deliver new permits, they are only focused on renewing existing ones, this in order to complete the regularization of merchants.


There are 40 inspectors divided into three shifts who collaborate to achieve the objective of free sidewalks to ensure pedestrian traffic.


3,177 permits are currently taken.

Source: sol de mazatlan

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