‘For a safe and inclusive Mazatlan’ Road awareness campaign ends


Mazatlan.- After 5 days of hard work to raise awareness and direct contact with the citizens of Mazatlan and tourists who enjoy the port on these summer vacations, the campaign “For a safe and inclusive Mazatlan” culminated on Friday.

Municipal officials from all areas of the City Council joined these actions in favor of respecting traffic regulations, especially spaces for people with disabilities, in an effort led by the Municipal DIF System and its president, Gabriela Peña Chico.

This last day of the campaign, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, Mayor of Mazatlan, joined the steering wheel held at Del Mar Avenue, just at the intersection with Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera Avenue, at the height of the Al Pescador monument.

“We are working to generate that culture that is needed throughout the country, our task is Mazatlan, it is respect for all spaces of all people of Mazatlan, mainly of people who have a disability (…) we are working for a Mazatlan safe and inclusive, ”he said.

For her part, Mrs. Gabriela Peña Chico celebrated that in these five days the first positive results of the campaign were recorded, with a decrease in the number of infractions in the city due to the obstruction of ramps and parking spaces for the disabled.

“In previous weeks we had had up to 200 infractions for obstructing a ramp or parking somewhere for people with disabilities, this week with this awareness campaign only 70 fines have been raised, that is an incentive for us (…), it motivates us a lot this result because then our voice and that of all the people who have participated in this campaign are heard, ”he concluded.

Source: pmxportal

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