Mexican wins Cannes awards that recognize the best of advertising in the world


The Aeromexico campaign led by Paola Escalante, graduated from Tec de Monterrey, won one of the awards of the festival that recognizes the best of advertising in the world

Creating connections between people and brands is what the Mexican Paola Escalante is dedicated to; This experience led her to be part of the campaign that gave Mexico maximum recognition at the Cannes Lions 2019 festival.

The young woman graduated from Tec de Monterrey, already has  11 years in creative areas; For more than two years she has been the creativity manager at The Zoo, a Google consultant that carries out projects with brands.

The Zoo and Aeroméxico joined forces to create the “People are Destinations” campaign , which won a Golden Lion in the ” Brand Experience & Activation” category.

The Zoo team led by Paola and the Aeromexico agency worked together.

“It was a personalization campaign designed for those people who travel to meet someone: family or friends, “explained the communication graduate of the State of Mexico campus.

“Instead of traveling from Mexico City to New York, you now travel from Paola to Sergio,” he added.

Paola said that approximately 2 years were invested in conducting the campaign, which involved the connection of the airline’s platform with the Google Places API, to provide customization to users of their experience.

“Nothing of what happened would be possible, if absolutely none of the more than 50 people who were involved had not had the passion we put in and worked so hand in hand,” he said.

The campaign was carried out through the Aeromexico platform.
As part of the winning campaign, users could generate personalized boarding passes with the names of their friends or family, share them on social networks or process a real ticket.


For two and a half years Paola has worked at Google Mexico leading advertising and marketing projects, partnering with advertising agencies and creative areas of companies that require the services of The Zoo .

“I have to coordinate the internal teams in Google , the creative team  – which is like a consulting team for agencies – and also coordinate the projects with my partners from other agencies,” he described.

“As a project leader, the responsibility is for things to happen and for ideas not to deform,” he added.

This Golden Lion joins another international distinction that Paola has obtained because in 2016 he received the Golden Lion Cyber  for the “Color Maps” campaign he did when he worked for Comex .

“She is very proud when they recognize you, but she is more proud of the satisfaction that the campaign is doing well and that it is relevant for the users,” she said.

Paola Escalante, graduated from Tec de Monterrey, works at The Zoo, Google Mexico agency

“As a project leader the responsibility is for things to happen”


The young Mexican finds in advertising a way to generate connections between people.

“Advertising allows you to  tell stories that are relevant to consumers, where the pretext is a product and service; and form culture , now more than ever with all the relevance of digital platforms ”,

From his training at  Tec de Monterrey he shares that it was where he acquired the basis for his professional development.

“My leadership, teamwork, innovation , the whole technology issue comes from Tec, working on many things at the same time,” he said.

Her tastes for the arts has also been a fundamental part of developing in the world of advertising, he shares.

“I always liked music and performing arts a lot, I did professional theater a year, in fact, I started doing theater when I was at the Tec, I was in Cultural Diffusion and I did several works”, 

Paola Escalante is a graduate of the Communication degree from Tec de Monterrey

In addition to his professional career as a creativity manager, Paola has a personal project with which he seeks to have an impact on the development of Mexican girls: Tümu .

“It ‘s a platform that promotes experiential experiences with girls to motivate them to fulfill their dreams, to be the best version of themselves,” he said,

The project is named after an Otomi word that means butterfly , the creative explained, tümu is the moment when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly by breaking the cocoon with its wings.

“It is an analogy because teenagers have a break when they are younger when they are empowered to move forward with the career they want to take or back down, often because of the context,” she said.


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