ALERT: Recluse spiders threaten Baja Californians, what to do if they attack you?


In the summer there are restless arachnids looking for victims and hospitals are preparing for spider victims

Scientific name: Loxosceles laeta

Baja California has the specific antidote to treat poisonings caused by violinist spider aggression. Baja California is the second nationwide state to obtain this antidote. In recent years, no violinist spider bites have been recorded but there have been 25 attacks by black widow spider. 

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Poisonous animals are those that by their bite or sting introduce poisons, which can be defensive or offensive, the population with the greatest risks are: people who like outdoor activities, mainly tourists, children, staff working in the field and/or rural areas.

There are differences between the black spider (widow) and violinist, as for example, the first one has an hourglass-shaped mark on the ventral side of the abdomen, usually they are on its web under rocks or any other object, they are very common in urban and suburban areas, they are dangerous and generally, the affected person requires hospitalization, the antidote is also available. 

The violinist spider is very dangerous, its poison is very toxic necrotic, when it bites you have 6 and 12 hours of intense pain, gangrenous damage and liver failure, it is dark brown to light brown and has a characteristic violin-shaped mark on the dorsal part of the abdomen.

It is very important that if a spider bite or any other poisonous animal is suspected, the nearest health unit is immediately approached for prompt attention.

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