Regulation of new real estate developments in Mazatlan is urgently needed


Vertical complexes in El Dorado and Gaviotas will enter under the Airbnb scheme

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The new vertical real estate developments that are being built in Gaviotas, El Dorado and Ferrocarrilera subdivisions will operate under the Airbnb scheme, a vacation rental system.

This method works through a platform that offers private accommodation as if it were a hotel or vacation rental.

In this regard, the member of the Marketing Committee of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan, José Gámez Valle, revealed that there is a national proposal that this be regulated.

That they pay taxes according to the activity, it is very easy to identify, the fair thing would be that they pay water and electricity with commercial rate, although this operates worldwide has to be well regulated.

José Gámez Valle.

He commented that in international destinations it does not affect the over-demand they have, but in a destination where it is barely repositioning itself, under the uncertainty of the tourism sector, where there is zero federal support, where many investors are already holding back their development plans and increasing new properties.

For his part, the representative of Capsa Developments, Carlos Escobar, confirmed that these works will enter the Airbnb scheme, which does not pay the Tax on Lodging and services such as water and electricity with domestic rates.

“The majority, and in fact, we are very happy, I believe that like all Mazatlecos we must be very happy because the Airbnb scheme has come to bring thousands and thousands of new tourists to Mazatlan,” he said.

Representatives of the real estate guild that develop projects in these settlements, offered a press conference to face the complaints of neighbors, and ensure that they have everything in order to build towers in a residential area.

They expressed that they comply with the regulations that the municipal government indicates to build condominium towers in Gaviotas, Lomas de Mazatlán and others, and ask the non-conforming neighbors to support and understand them.

They said that if they get sued and their projects are canceled, Mazatlan would lose the opportunity to have a great economic impact and jobs.


The vertical real estate developments that are being built in the Gaviotas, El Dorado and Ferrocarrilera subdivisions, will operate under the Airbnb scheme, a vacation rental system that through a platform offers the offer of private accommodations, as if it were a hotel or vacation rental.

Implan seeks to generate an order for Mazatlan’s growth

Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez said that the Implan already analyzes the problem of urban growth, especially in the northern area

The increase in population, which goes hand in hand with the growth of urban sprawl, is putting on alert authorities on environmental matters, as is already being discussed measures that will be relevant to take care of the biodiversity endemic of the port.

Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, director of Municipal Public Works, reported that the Municipal Planning Institute ( Implan ) is ahead of the issue of analysis of the problem, which implies the settlement of urban developments in the northern area of ​​the port, especially because This area is potential and high in surplus-value.

The area between the Pacific Avenue, Mario Huerta, the Railroad tracks and the Mazatlan-Culiacán highway, that great painting, is an area of ​​real estate development potential. In fact, subdivisions and institutions are already settling in, and a framework will have to be provided so that it develops properly, respecting green areas.

Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, director of Municipal Public Works.

Marina Mazatlan

He pointed out that the number of human beings increases permanently, and with this, the spaces we occupy grow, so we will have to carry out a regulation that seeks sustainable development, respecting green areas that we have to protect, the storm drain that There is a natural way, as well as generating roads that go hand in hand with inclusion and are friendly to the environment.

At some point, he said, it will be necessary to strengthen family planning at all levels of society, as well as to delimit the areas and respect environmental impact studies.


The regulation must be focused on seeking sustainable development, respecting green areas that have to be protected, the natural drainage of rain, as well as generating roads that go hand in hand with inclusion and are friendly to the environment.

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