BAD news for Mexico: A third of Mexican fish are in danger of extinction


Not only has no Mexican species in extinction improved its condition, but now it is official that one-third of the fish could disappear.

Mexico is not the greenest country in the world. For example, it is enough to see the case of the vaquita marina, an animal species that the government had no interest in saving and could now be lost forever. And it seems that now this nightmare will fall on at least one-third of the fish species in Mexico.

Bad news, Mexico: A third of Mexican fish are in danger of extinction

Fish in Mexico are in danger

“Life is worth nothing, life is worth nothing,” said José Alfredo Jiménez. And he did not lie. In Mexico, life is worth nothing, including that of animals. This is obvious thanks to the update of the  Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature  (IUCN).

In it, it is revealed that there are now 9 thousand more endangered species worldwide. In total, we talk about  105,732 species at risk. In Mexico alone, thousands of fish species could disappear. Also in Japan, more than half of freshwater marine species are in danger of extinction.

To all this is added that at least two-thirds of the largest rivers in the world no longer flow freely: this is one of the reasons for the negative impact on aquatic life. And if this were not enough, none of the Mexican species in danger have improved their status since they were added to the list.

The key question is, who is doing something about it?

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