After disaster due to rains, Tlajomulco Jalisco seeks 50 MDP to avoid further damage


After an initial assessment of the damage left by the flood on Sunday in the area of ​​Santa Anita, in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, and a calculation of the works required to mitigate future events of the type, the City Council estimated that around 50 are needed million pesos (MDP), said Mayor Salvador Zamora.

“We have to do mitigation works in high areas, reinforce regulatory vessels, make new ones, renew all channels, insist on making more gabions to have containment works, more carcasses that allow us to save water and gradually re-run it .”

Such resources will be sought from state and federal disaster funds. Yesterday the Emergency Committee was installed, which also made the emergency declaration, so the formal requests are already written.

The storm in Santa Anita caused the streams that cross the area and descend from La Primavera, such as La Culebra and La Colorada, to overflow. This collapsed the perimeter fences of subdivisions such as La Arbolada and the Santa Anita golf club and lifted the asphalt at three points on Santa Anita Boulevard , so it became impassable.

López Mateos Avenue and the Camino Real to Colima were also affected. The municipality confirmed that “there were no human losses or (people) injured.”

The authorities worked with machinery in the development of streams. Zamora indicated that, of the 12 gabions of La Colorada, one of them was damaged. There were also regulatory vessels that reached the limit of their capacity and others exceeded it.

To mitigate flooding, it is also necessary to build a rainwater collector that would cost 20 million pesos. “We want it to start as soon as possible.”

Today in the afternoon another tour will be made, this time with state authorities, to determine if there are more that can be executed (which would raise the figure of 50 million pesos). He clarified that mitigation works are “priority”, since it will be useless to rehabilitate damaged roads if water is not prevented from lifting the pavement again.

It will do no good to rehabilitate the damaged roads if the water is not prevented from lifting the pavement again.

They saw “waves” tear down the fences of the La Arbolada subdivision

The Sunday storm in Santa Anita had already calmed down when José Gutiérrez left his house, in the La Arbolada subdivision. He expected his pen to be opened, but the water from the canal that runs parallel to the perimeter wall brought down a part of it. “The crescent came and then I speak to my house.”

Alerted his wife, Alejandra Elizondo, who was outside the home. He had gone out with his children to see what was happening at the entrance and it occurred to him to turn towards the fence that was in front of his property. Thus he saw that from there came trickles of water that rose more and more.

“Waves were visible. At that time the children say to me: ‘Mom, record!’, And I say ‘No, get in!’. When we turn around the walls are thundering. That was my voice of terror. ”

Alejandra and her children ran inside before the water, mud, debris, and branches rammed them. Once inside she told her children to go upstairs because he did not know the magnitude of the phenomenon.

Her husband returned home after driving 200 meters against the current. From her window, Alejandra recorded a video where the tributary is seen dragging her neighbors’ cars. It was his video clip that went viral on Sunday afternoon.

She presumes that her car was saved thanks to a piece of fence that was in front of her home diverted the current. They waited for the flood to come down and dozens of neighbors from nearby stables came out, armed with shovels, to help them with the cleaning.

Gloria, another affected, thanked the gesture. “The whole block was supportive. Boys, girls, I’m very excited about the support. Civil Protection and the entire ‘band’ of the City Council arrived in their carriages hours later, but everything was already very clean ”.

Alejandra believes that the dimension of the disaster derived from the new subdivisions, those that are closer to the La Primavera forest, because for each one they build new canals and everyone will give to what happens next to La Arbolada. He hopes the authorities will remedy the situation and even reinforce the wall to avoid what could become a tragedy.

Floods in the southern part of the metropolis have increased due to the construction of new developments that are increasingly entering the La Primavera forest.

Investigate irregularities in construction permits

As floods in the southern part of the metropolis have increased due to the construction of new developments that are increasingly entering the La Primavera forest, the mayor of Tlajomulco, Salvador Zamora, reported that it is not ruled out to review whether among the subdivisions that Currently they were built there was some irregularity.

He affirmed that, if he finds any inconsistency, his administration will act in accordance with the law to punish those responsible.

The mayor insisted that during his Government a single new housing project has not been authorized. “If anyone is in development it was in other administrations. The housing construction ban is maintained in this administration ”.

He lamented the magnitude of the event, as it shows the events that may occur due to urban development. “We noticed the fragility of this soil in the La Primavera forest,” he said.

They will compensate damages for rains of June

Salvador Zamora reported that they already have the utensils that will be delivered to the inhabitants of the El Terrón, Lagunita and Ciénega colonies , who were affected by the storms of June 26 and 30.

The event will take place today at 7:00 p.m., and 50 families that were affected in El Terrón will be the first beneficiaries. The appliances, furniture and mattresses will be according to the census of damages that arose after the contingencies.

The kitchenware amounted to one million pesos, and eight of 10 pesos were obtained from the State Natural Disaster Fund; The rest was municipal participation. 

Source: forotv, informador

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