The safest states to live in Mexico 2019


Security in Mexico is a problem that we live every day in our daily lives. In addition to having what is necessary to have security in your home, such as surveillance circuits and anti-theft alarms, you can find that the city where you live is prepared to apply adequate measures to protect your integrity, as well as your assets.

If your plans are to move your life to a new place, consider these options that, according to Vivanuncios with information from the Semáforo Delictivo Nacional, in the first five months of 2019 presented lower incidence in crimes related to security in your home.

Finding a safe house to live is essential to have peace in your days and have a good quality of life. If you are thinking of moving, consider these states in Mexico to begin a new educational, professional or personal stage.


According to information from the Mexico Peace Index, Yucatan was the most peaceful state in 2018 and therefore the safest to live. On the other hand, according to the Semáforo Delictivo Nacional, in the first five months of 2019, this state was ranked number 14 on the list of “State Home Theft”, with a rate of 16 robberies per 100 thousand inhabitants.

In terms of malicious injuries, Yucatán is in 30th place, with four incidents per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Mérida, one of the most popular cities in this state, offers tourist activities such as horse chariot rides, Yucateco art galleries, crafts, various typical restaurants, walks through the historic center and visits to the Centennial Zoo. Its proximity to different beaches of the coast is also convenient monetarily for those who decide to invest.

The houses for sale in Yucatan are at a minimum price of 500 thousand pesos, reaching a maximum of 7 million dollars.


Campeche was the second most peaceful state in 2018, and in recent months it ranked 26th in terms of robberies at home and 29th in terms of intentional injuries.

Its capital offers entertainment opportunities among which are the ancient Edzna ruins, tours in the Los Petenes corridor, the famous and beautiful boardwalk and the Puerta de Tierra. All tourist attractions and investment opportunities very profitable.

Ciudad del Carmen, on the other hand, offers job opportunities in the oil and energy area, which makes it a good option to develop a solid career. The houses for sale in Campeche  range from 450 thousand pesos to 13 million pesos.


This federal entity in Mexico was the third most peaceful last year, and is currently ranked 28th in the ranking of states with crimes of malicious injuries and 25th in terms of crimes of home theft.

One of its most famous cities, San Cristóbal de las Casas, is a tourist destination with unmissable investment opportunities, as well as work and educational opportunities. 

Here you can find famous museums such as the Amber of Chiapas, the Cathedral of San Cristóbal, the Route of the Mills, the Caves of New Ranch and the Museum of Cacao.

The houses for sale in Chiapas range from 350 thousand pesos to 30 million pesos. 

If you want to live in a safe state and also have good opportunities for personal and professional growth, consider one of these three states to protect your loved ones.

Source: vivaanuncios, nacion321, Semáforo Delictivo Nacional

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