He gives marijuana away to tourists who collect garbage on the beaches


A young man tired of living in dirt and trash, he prepared marijuana cigars to give to tourists who collect garbage.

Fed up dirt on the beaches, a young resident of Jamaica chose to offer cigarettes of marijuana tourists to collect garbage. A transaction that calls for an exchange of gifts. 

Give this man a beer. 

For his ecological plan, Marian Erbach was armed with 50 joints of 56 grams of cannabis each. This is intended not to violate the law of Jamaica, which states that 56 grams is the maximum that a person can carry without being arrested. 

Fed up with garbage, he gives marijuana cigars to whoever cleans beaches 

Just 30 minutes after placing the ad on the door of his bar, the first interested appeared. The only condition was that the bucket should be filled with garbage from the beaches. “I was totally upset with all the garbage around us, so in the last few months I did a lot of research on the plastic and I saw some pictures where people offered free coffee for a bucket of garbage. I researched the plastic and saw some pictures where people offered free coffee for a bucket of garbage. That’s where everything came from. “

As soon as the garbage pails are full, the collectors go to the bar to get them and take them to landfills. Consequently, residents of the area and Internet users have applauded the vision of the boy, who managed to motivate other tourists to clean the beaches, even when they are not interested in smoking marijuana

Marijuana in Mexico 

In Jamaica cannabis is illegal, but the possession of small quantities (56.6 grams) is allowed since 2015. In Mexico, however, only 5 grams are legal, as well as its medicinal and scientific use. 

On February 16 this year, the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation declared unconstitutional the prohibition of the recreational use of marijuana. Meanwhile, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced his interest in modifying the country’s anti-drug policy. 

Contact: Mr. Marian Erbach In Jamaica they call him Germaican www.facebook.com/germaicanhostel and say HELLO

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