They will sue to “knock down” the works of the Mazatlan Central Park


The environmentalist group that is against the completion of the Central Park, will demand that the work be stopped because there is no permission for it to be carried out. Juan Guadalupe Torres Navarro, doctor, and representative of the movement reported in a press conference where local deputies of Morena were present, that an investigation was made giving negative results of the work.

“We look for all building permits, the project, the change of land use, the manifestation of environmental impact in the corresponding units and do not give information that they do not have,” he said.

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Then, he continued, in what way they are carrying the work, this means that the legal issue is being put aside.

The local Deputy, Beatriz Adriana Zarate Valenzuela, said that in Mazatlan the law has been violated in all aspects since the construction of the condominium towers and Central Park which are terribly affecting the ecology and citizens.

“They are injustices that a representative of Morena should not allow, it is sad to see that the municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres acted as a neoliberal because by allowing these acts he becomes an accomplice,” he said.

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The legislator called on the chemist to reconsider, to comply with the people and to face them because people will think that it is sold and corrupt. 
“In the Congress of the State Morena is contemplating the problem that is being presented in the port is going away to analyze the new law of Use of Suelo”.

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Zarate Valenzuela warned that if the municipal president of Mazatlan is an accomplice of these works they will ask for the revocation of the mandate so that he has the opportunity to face it. 
It should be noted that Guillermo Zerecero, representative of the Parque Central work, was there, where he was questioned by ecologists.

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