Mazatlan water agency meets with representatives of hotels and real estate developers


Representatives of lodging centers and subdivisions of the area of ​​Cerritos meet with managers of Jumapam

This Wednesday the third follow-up meeting was held between authorities of the Municipal Water and Sewerage Board and representatives of hotels and real estate developments in the Cerritos area, in order to verify the progress made in the supply of drinking water in that area of ​​the city.

Hoteliers pointed out that in the last two weeks the supply of the vital liquid has increased by 15% according to the measurements that each lodging center makes, added that as long as the service is regularized one hundred percent, the needs continue to be covered by water trucks.

The representatives of subdivisions agreed to initiate a similar measurement to evaluate the improvements that the Board presents each week as the levels increase in the storage tanks.

For their part, the production and distribution managers of Jumapam, Luis Núñez and Karina Torres, respectively, reported that there are sectors in which the supply has improved markedly, however, they recognized that the ruptures in the lines of driving registered in the last days have made it difficult for the service in the Cerritos area to be regular.

Source: pmxportal

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