Canada seeking Mexican construction workers


At least secondary and intermediate English studies are required

The Employment Portal in the Federal Government announced that a company in Canada is hiring workers for construction for one year in the province of Quebec, with a salary of 32 thousand 200 pesos to approximately month.

There are four places available and workers have to have knowledge of demolition, suction, sandblasting, cleaning and beam changes. The employer provides a plane ticket.

The person to hire must also have knowledge in renovation and buildings. As well as work experience of at least 2 years.

People with excellent physical condition and a height between 1.67 meters and 1.77 meters are requested, and with an international driving license.

At least secondary and intermediate English studies are required. It should be noted that a contract is available for 1 year and three contracts for 6 months.

The mode of payment is weekly and the working hours per week are 40, starting work on May 1, 2020.

To apply, you must go to the Office of the National Employment Service, Yucatán (SNEY). Located at 66 street number 438 between 49 and 53 of the Center. The phone number is 01-9996-11-87-60.

You can also call toll free 01800 841 2020 from anywhere in the Mexican Republic.

Source: sipse

The Mazatlan Post