Regulation of cannabis ‘is not a priority’ says AMLO


In his press conference held in the state of Nayarit, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that before analyzing the regulation of cannabis must consider other priorities, including economic and social factors, the National Guard, attention to young people and reducing consumption. 

The express question of the reporter René Ruiz, from Grupo Informativo Dominio Público, was: “If before the end of your government this is going to be a reality (…) is the prohibition on a drug to be lifted for recreational reasons or to avoid this violence that is generated by the prohibition? “

And the textual response of López Obrador was: “We are analyzing everything, an advantage we have is that we do not have to give accounts to anyone, I mean groups of vested interests, it is what the people decide, the people are the ones in charge “

Something that the president should also remember, is the mandate of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to issue jurisprudence that declares unconstitutional the absolute prohibition to the consumption of cannabis, and that forces the Congress to regulate such consumption no later than next month October, according to what was said by the president of the health committee in the Senate, Miguel Ángel Navarro.

However, for the president first, the following points should be reviewed 

“First, improve the economic and social situation of the people. Second, there is a National Guard. And third, serve young people. Fourth, reduce consumption by calling young people not to fall into addictions. “

And only until then, according to him, “comes fifth, the analysis of whether legalization is appropriate or not.”

Then he even relates other types of shots such as gun control and substance use in the United States. “Sixth, what was here raised about the amnesty. Eighth, an agreement for arms control that has to do with the United States. Tenth, the agreement to reduce consumption there too. “


The Mazatlan Post