Mexico: Proposal for a new collection of taxes on digital hosting platforms


The council created by the private sector renounces a tax of 25 dollars to foreigners and a tax on digital hosting platforms

Mexico City.- The National Tourism Business Council, CNET, informed that it has modified its proposal to find resources destined to the promotion of the country, so they table a request to obtain capital of Non-Resident Law (DNR) and now it will be through the collection of taxes on digital hosting platforms.

The vice president of the CNET, José Chapur, announced that if these hotel applications pay VAT and ISR they would have resources for 6 thousand 200 million pesos, a similar figure to the budget of the late CPTM.

“We have already turned the page with the DNR, we do not want to affect the projects of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but we need to find resources,” said the businessman.

The budget of the CPTM was mainly made up of the capital obtained from the DNR, which is charged to foreign tourists ($ 25) who enter the country; However, with the disappearance of this tourism promotion agency, the federal government decided that these resources will go to the construction of the Mayan Train.

“It is ideal to find resources from where they can come; this VAT and ISR tax exists and is paid by hotel companies, but technology platforms do not face these taxes, so it is an opportunity to have capital for promotion strategies, “said the CNET vice president.

The current government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador decided since December of last year the liquidation process of the tourism promotion agency will begin, which implies the closure of the 21 offices that the agency had abroad and from where meetings were held with The main tour operators of each country.

Source: milenio

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