Sinaloa prosecutors must investigate cases of nepotism and influence peddling’


The city attorney and the holders of the internal control bodies are obliged to investigate the cases of nepotism, conflict of interest and influence peddling incurred by the 18 mayors of Sinaloa and report them to Congress, the deputy said. Flora Miranda Leal, who indicated that these figures must comply with the auditing function of the municipal administrations.

About the controversy that has surrounded the Morena Party Mayors, the legislator of this parliamentary group said that not only in the municipalities governed by Morena have been given signs, so the deputies must know first hand if those responsible for monitoring the law enforcement are doing their part to investigate and punish these crimes.

“They are asking the internal control body or the trustees if there is a complaint to the municipalities are reviewed, as they are notified they have 45 days for them to clarify all the complaints that are in the municipalities” , he said.

Mirada Leal exhorted the mayors not to commit violations of the law, since from the Congress they intend to put control to this issue due to the countless complaints that have been made through different means

He noted that this call is the proposal made by the PAN deputy Roxana Rubio to investigate the mayors of Culiacan, Mazatlan, and Ahome; nevertheless, that in commissions the Morena party approved that the 18 mayors be investigated.

Source: linea directa

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