Mazatlan: Woman dies after being rescued from a local beach


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A woman originally from Monterrey, lost her life in a private clinic after she was rescued from a local beach in this port.

Presumably, the incident took place in front of some well-known condominiums in the Cerritos area, at around 11:00 a.m. yesterday, the deceased was identified as Rosa María “N”, 46 years old.

It was during the morning, when the lifeguards of a hotel in the area described above, realized that a woman was having difficulties leaving the sea.

At the sight of what was happening, they went to the sea to try to rescue the female, while they asked for the support of the rescue workers from the municipal life preservers.

The elements of the Municipal Aquatics Squad arrived shortly and they worked in coordination to rescue the female.

After several minutes of carrying out the rescue of Rosa María, she was put on the sand, where she received first aid.

After allegedly having been stabilized, the woman was transferred by paramedics from a private clinic to receive specialized medical attention, but it was on arrival at the hospital that the regia was declared lifeless.

After the death of Rosa María, the investigative staff of the Deputy Prosecutor’s Office came to the clinic to learn what had happened, same that at the end of the collection of evidence, the body was taken to Semefo to practice the corresponding necropsy and thus determine the death cause.

It will be at the end of these procedures marked by the law that the body of the woman will be delivered to the relatives.

Source: el debate

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