Employment down for longshoremen due to little port activity in Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The decline in exports and imports of rod and steel affects the work, said the general secretary of the Union of Port Workers of Mazatlan, Víctor Manuel Reyes Canizales.

The union leader attributes this fall to the little activity in the Integral Port Administration of Mazatlan, due to the economic recession in the country. But also the high cost of moving goods through Mazatlan.

He added that there is more preference for the port of Manzanillo. Much of the cargo moves around, and the one that can not be served is sent to Mazatlan.

In July, the employment of port employees dropped to 40 percent. This situation worries the sector since it affects the pocket.

In these seven months of the year, there have been casualties and highs. At this time we are working mainly on lowering and loading the rod.

There is confidence in recovering the work and that the 400 people that make up the workforce can be employed. A ship with 10 thousand tons of sugar is about to arrive and this means work for all, and even more.


In the first quarter of this year, in which many sectors remained in recession, port employees had worked for the movement of vehicles.

The second reason is that in April there was a reception of 2 thousand tons of tuna in bulk. A third reason, and more important, is that the movement of steel, both in rod and in its crushed form, has reached 35 thousand tons, between import and export, during March.

However, after this good run began to lower activity, abounded Reyes Canizales. 

The workers know about these ups and downs, however, they despair before the situation. 
Around the offices of the Longshoremen’s Union, dozens of men of all ages come every day with the hope of work.

When the entire workforce is hired and more employees are required, those who go and stand watch are taken advantage of. In relation to salaries, workers say they are good.

Source: el debate

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