Mazatlan women are increasingly encouraged to be entrepreneurs


In Mazatlan, the increase of women who have been encouraged to develop a business has grown 20 percent

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The concern of Mazatlan women to start and develop a business has increased by up to 20 percent, acknowledged Hilda Amador Sánchez, president of Mujeres Empresarias de Canaco Mazatlán.

“Most of them are now women with this initiative, most are professionals who start with self-employment but little by little they are doing their teams and a company is already created, I do see that it has grown a lot,” he said.

The Mazatlan entrepreneur commented that many women start with something simple from home and that is the attitude and desire to undertake what makes them take the next step.

“At the moment we have realized that it is not occupied to have perhaps a place or an office to undertake, I believe that that has helped much to that the women are encouraged”, added.

He also recalled that, at least in Sinaloa, there is a boost to this sector, such as preferential financing rates, which are at 9 percent per year.

However, Amador Sanchez said that “to start you have to have a certain profile”, because some people have the intention to do it but they do not know about administration, internal processes, costs, among other vital things that go beyond sales, reason why which many fail, although for this he recommended seeking advice.

“I recommend that you really go to cameras, to organizations that advise you, that a company has several areas, not only is focused on selling and if you want to grow really pay attention to each point within the company that are based so they can continue in the market. If they are well established, companies can really stay for a long time, “he said.

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