Rain and strong winds forecast for Sinaloa


Temperatures greater than 45 degrees will persist

The National Meteorological Service forecasts very strong rains in Sinaloa regions, and also gusts of wind greater than 50 kilometers per hour, and despite this it maintains the expectation of much heat, since it estimates that temperatures will exceed 45 degrees.

The rain forecast also includes intense point rain in Chiapas; very heavy rains in Chihuahua, Durango, Guerrero and Oaxaca regions; strong local rains in Michoacán, Morelos, Puebla, State of Mexico, Mexico City, Veracruz, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo; intervals of showers in Coahuila, Zacatecas, Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Hidalgo and Tlaxcala

Likewise, isolated rains are estimated in Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes and Tamaulipas, and warns that the rains can be accompanied by thunderstorms and possible hail.

The National Meteorological Service explained that the above conditions are generated by a low pressure channel extending over the north, west and central Mexico, to the flow of humid air from the oceans and the Caribbean Sea, to the interaction of a mass of humid air with another of dry air north of Coahuila and by Tropical Wave Number 14.

Source: conagua

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