AMLO budget cut continue with massive dismissals across Mexico


They report massive dismissal in the Conafor delegation

Of 36 trusted workers only three remain at work; According to former employees of that federal agency, they were notified of their dismissal on Monday afternoon.

Cuernavaca, Morelos. Due to a budget cut, the staff of the state delegation of the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) of Morelos was dismissed. Of 36 trusted workers since yesterday, only three work.

According to former employees of that federal agency, their dismissal was notified on Monday afternoon.

“They told us ‘as of tomorrow they do not show up’ and they took away the keys of the computers. We do not have access to the checker anymore, “said one of the former employees.

As a result, reforestation, environmental and training programs for fire brigades were suspended.

“Conafor is the only unit that has the certification to train fire brigades. We train the staff of the state government, the city councils, and the community brigades. The personnel that gives those training was fired, “commented another of the former employees.

At the moment of the rainy season, the programs of reforestation of the forests are carried out, mainly in the zones damaged by fires.

(Photo: Héctor Raúl González)

Although the trees are cultivated by the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) through the 24th Military Zone, they are handed over to the communities by Conafor personnel, who were also dismissed .

“Reforestation work, delivery of support, forest fires, forest pests and everything that has to do with the delivery of support to communities, environmental services … in fact 15 days ago the environmental services agreements were signed, only They signed three with Huitzilac, Tetela del Volcán and Tepalcingo. They only managed to sign those and there will be no follow-up, “said one of the former workers.

He added that on average each year between 170 and 200 agreements are signed.

“So, there were only three people left, there is no one else. We were 36 workers plus unionized workers. Now nothing remained an administrative, one on file and one person who remained as a legal substitute. In the fires was the personnel that gets the helicopters, obviously, all the logistics that are given for the fight of the fires and the training of the brigades because nothing else Conafor trains the brigades, only Conafor can train and nobody of them stays. It is a reforestation season, a season to renew the trees that died. That is not going to be there anymore, there is no one to follow the programs. The plant is already there, but the delivery of plants is going to stop, “he said.

The cut, he added, is the product of a decrease in the budget and a similar situation faced by the rest of the Conafor delegations in the country.

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