Mazatlan: Federal Police stop work and denounce that there are obstacles in an exam to fail them


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The group of elements of the Mazatlan Federal Police joined the national strike to stay at the base, and not go to work. 

Units and elements remained in the facilities of Valles del Ejido, but did not perform any other action. 

Some of them explained that what other colleagues have exposed in the protests is true. The list of those who have to go to the National Guard exam arrives, but in a personal way they have to find a way to move.

And they have set a series of requirements to be able to be fit, in such a way that the suspicion is that they seek no one to approve. 

A point that sounds strange, but they confirmed it with a document, is that they include them, that those who exercise to be fit and if they have biceps, are automatically failing or overweight, even if it is minimal. 

But the measure is not even. If they arrive military or elements of the Navy, they approve them although they have all the defects. 

The agents remained in the place as well as the units under their charge.

Source: rasnoticias

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