Drunken Bathers will be detained in Mazatlan


* Better in prison than at the bottom of the sea

* Start security operation for vacations

So far, nine rescues have been carried out, although unfortunately by a drowned one, the commander of the Aquatic Squadron, Gonzalo Magallanes, acknowledged. The holidays are just beginning and he affirms that his elements will be very much on the lookout with the support of another 100 lifeguards, many of hotels and volunteers. Drunken bathers will be arrested; “We prefer that they go to look for him in the jail of the Juárez that in the bottom of the sea”, aims.

He said that in the Aquatic Squadron there will be around 30, with some volunteers, but that they will have the support of other lifeguards, mainly in the area of ​​the hotel industry where there are more than 80 trained elements for these functions. He added that there are also Firemen and Civil Protection people.

Commander Magallanes reiterated the recommendations to the bathers and said that tourists who go to the beaches with the best spirit to have fun, but not to expose and pay attention to the provisions of lifeguards.

“We ask in a special way that people do not get into the water while intoxicated; also after eating food; do not get into rocky areas and have an emergency report it to 911; ask the lifeguards about water conditions and other data about currents and weather, “emphasized the head of the Mazatlan” tritons “.

He recalled that some prohibited areas are from the Venice Suites towards Valentinos, because there are stones and rocks in the sea; It is a dangerous part. Also from El Cid to Hotel La Misión is a difficult place, as well as part of Brujas beach. Quiet areas are Pinitos, Olas Altas, in front of the Fisherman’s Monument, the Isla de la Piedra, in front of the Las Flores, Ramada Inn, and Gaviotas hotels.

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