7 reasons why you should choose to drink Mexican wine


In addition to having won international medals, for their organoleptic qualities they will enrich your personal cava.

Wine production was introduced to Mexico by the Spanish in the sixteenth century, however, the large wineries were founded in the twentieth century. Since then the Mexican wine industry has had a remarkable development, especially in the last decade, today has six thousand 500 hectares of production and 200 business units that make it possible to choose between more than one thousand 200 labels. Gabriel Padilla Maya, director of the Consejo Mexicano Vitivinícola, gave us powerful reasons for choosing Mexican wines to match foods and add qualitative value to your personal cava.

1. In the last five years, Mexican wines have obtained more than 1500 medals in the most prestigious oenological competitions in the world such as Bacchus in Spain, the International Wine Challenge in England, Vinalies Internationales in France and the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

2. Medals won by national labels show that Mexico is capable of producing wines at the same level as those produced in countries with a great wine culture such as France, Spain, and Italy.

3. The quality of the Mexican wines is consistent and with particular organoleptic qualities thanks to the factors of climate and soil in the regions of the country where the vine is grown, especially in those of great height propitious for the extreme viticulture.

4. The adaptation of European white varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and Semillon, as well as merlot, tempranillo, grenache or Petite Sirah in the ranking of red wines, have allowed strengthening the Mexican terroir that refers to the set of factors that define and describe the geographical wine regions.

5. Mexican wines are distinguished by unique floral and fruit aromatic expressions, and sweet nuances on the palate, of great character and personality, especially in reds that is one of the most preferred styles among consumers.

6. The knowledge and audacity of producers and winemakers has given life to sophisticated and even unthinkable assemblies from the point of view of traditional production that today gain ground in sparkling and rosé wines: rising styles within world preferences.

7. The Mexican terroir transcends the ingredients that are used in local cuisines, hence the Mexican wines marry perfectly with the diversity of dishes that are part of the gastronomy intangible heritage of humanity.

These are some of the reasons why to select Mexican wines at the time of eating, celebrating, watching a movie, enriching your cava to -simply- enjoy a drink in the comfort of your home.

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