The 56th edition of the Grand Regatta of the Nazas River begins in Durango


It is expected the participation of an approximate of 200 canoeists in 10 different categories coming from different states of the country

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Lerdo, Durango. – With the traditional parade in which Laguneros rowers move from Lerdo to the municipality of Rodeo, Durango, this Thursday at noon the activity of the 56th edition of the Great Regatta of the Nazas River was launched, commissioned by Mayor María Luisa González Achem to give the departure signal to the participants and their relatives who accompany them.

Led by Felipe Salinas Mares, president of the organizing committee of the LVI Grand Regatta, from an early hour a group of rowers that will compete in the fair met in the Municipal Presidency of Lerdo, point where González Achem fired them and wished them luck in this an event that has been held for 56 years in the waters of Padre Nazas and where high-level competitors from the country and even other nations have gathered.

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“We are ready for the regatta, we start with this parade in which some local competitors participate, there in Rodeo will be integrating the foreigners, we confirmed and the rowers of Tuxpan and Oaxaca, we will have a good level competition and we hope that the Laguna people come on Sunday to enjoy the final arrival of the participants in Raymundo, “said Felipe Salinas.

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The competition is held for three days, starting this Friday, July 5 in Rodeo, then on Saturday 7 leave Nazas heading to the dam Francisco Zarco and finally on Sunday 8 the last trip is from the dam to the Parque Nacional Raymundo.

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It is worth mentioning that for this regatta the rowers of the following categories are summoned: K-1 Classified, boat of a person who will do the whole route. K-2, boat manned by two people the entire route of 147 kilometers. Novatos Kayak 1 also participate during the three stages.

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Slalom, different boat manned by a person with half a course. Veterans A (35/45 years old), B (46/59 years old), Master (more than 60 years old) with half a year.

On this occasion will be present the current three times champion, Sergio Vázquez, who assured that he arrives well prepared and is ready to go for his fourth consecutive win, recognizing that he will not have it easy when facing high-level rivals like José Miguel Cisneros and Christopher Pinzón.

In a press conference before the local media, the 56th edition of the Regata del Río Nazas was presented, where the director of the State Sports Institute (IED), Anakaren Ávila Ceniceros, was present, accompanying the director of Alternative Tourism, Fernando Martínez Pérez, as well as Felipe de Jesús Salinas, president of the Organizing Committee of the Regata del Río Nazas, Carlos Chávez, president of the State Association of Canoeing and the secretary of the association, Alberto Villanueva Martínez, among other personalities.

This traditional regatta that is in its 56th anniversary will take place on July 5, 6 and 7, starting from Rodeo to Nazas on its first day at 8:00 am with a route of 57 kilometers; the second stage will be from Nazas to the Francisco Zarco dam, with the departure at 8:00 am and a distance of 47 kilometers and the final day, from the aforementioned dam to the Raymundo National Park of the municipality of Lerdo with a distance of 43 kilometers and departure at 8:00. The event in its entirety will consist of 148 kilometers.

They expect to have an approximate of 200 canoeists in 10 different categories from different states of the country, according to the organizers of the event, who added that a bag of 90 thousand pesos will be distributed in its entirety among the first places in each category.

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