Mexico: Airbnb “Economic impact generated 2.7 billion in 2018”


The 5 million travelers who arrived in Mexico through the services offered by the AirBnB platform generated a direct economic impact to the country that the platform estimates at 2.7 billion dollars in 2018. This figure sum the income received by the hosts and the expenses of guests in cafes, restaurants, businesses, stores and cultural activities, according to a report published by the company.

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The document, based on a survey and analysis of internal data from AirBnB, indicates that the hosts and travelers using the application generated $ 100 billion of direct economic impact in 30 countries during 2018, which allows us to infer that Mexico It took 2.7% of the economic impact generated by the company during the past year.

According to the company, much of this economic impact in the country is due to the recommendations made by the hosts to travelers. The report explains that 83% of the hosts surveyed in Mexico said they recommend cafes and restaurants; 57% said they recommend businesses and stores; 47% said they recommend day trips; 66% said they recommend cultural activities and 61% said they recommend outdoor activities. ( Airbnb goes for luxury travelers with Airbnb Luxe ).

Mexico ranks nine out of a list of 30 countries, in which the top is occupied by the United States, with 33.8 billion; France, with 10,800 million; Spain, 6,900 million; Italy, 6.4 billion and the United Kingdom, 5.6 billion. In sum, these five countries receive 63.5% of the total economic impact of AirBnB in the world.

AirBnB is a marketplace platform in which people can offer temporary accommodation spaces to guests. Founded in 2008, the company based in San Francisco, California, has received a total of 4,400 million dollars in 12 rounds of investment, of which the most recent occurred in September 2018.

Source: nitu, el economista

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