Mazatlan launches 4 new trucks to collect garbage


MAZATLÁN.- Four trash collection trucks for the Municipal Public Services Directorate were launched today by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

These are vehicles of the International brand model 2020 that has a capacity for 16 cubic meters of waste, which will come to try to solve the backwardness of collection throughout the city.

It was at 12:15 when the event began at the gates of the Municipal Palace, in the Republic square.

It was reported that each truck had a cost of more than 2 million pesos each.

In his message, Benítez Torres said that in addition to these four trucks, three more will arrive.

“This is proof that we are managing resources honestly, give it to whoever hurts. Because for that reason it is a resource paid by citizens and not for it to go down the pipe, “he said.

Benitez Torres acknowledged that there is a lot of trash in the streets, but today with these trucks the 60 routes are almost completed and only eight more will be missing, and the Mayor promised to have them next year.

“We take care of citizens’ resources to give them better services as Mazatlan deserves,” he said.

“All the fights that left us are going to solve them with political will, because we are on the right track and the citizen is happy with what we do and will be more because we will do more for them”.