Hoteliers of Quintana Roo pay “sargaceros” 5 thousand pesos for eight hours of work

Before the intense problem that has been the uncontrolled recale of sargassum in the coasts of Quintana Roo, the hotels of the city have seen the need to request “sargaceros” again.

The labor supply began late last year, and this season has returned to demand because the massive recaal of the macroalga still continues on the coasts of the state.

“Sargacero requested”

“Sargacero is requested,” local newspapers announce, given the need to have people clean the beaches every day and try to maintain a good image of the sea.

According to the newspaper Milenio, this new job requires eight hours under the sun of the Mexican Caribbean, and an average of 5 thousand pesos per month is paid.

Frustrating work

“It’s a frustrating job,” Roberto Cintrón, president of the Hotel Association of Cancun, told Milenio, as he said that it can be cleaned in eight hours, “nature returns in 45 minutes.”

The businessman recognizes that the days are “very strenuous”, and is that a cubic meter of wet sargassum weighs more than 250 kilos. Between six sargaceros they can hardly move a mesh in which they have stacked a lot of the so-called “sea weed”.

Source: puntomedio

The Mazatlan Post