Tourists cause Mazatlan shortage of water


The problem lies in the north of the city and in those human settlements built in the highlands, the pressure does not reach, recognizes Jumapam

Mazatlan, Sin.- The tourist influx that begins to be visible in the port of Mazatlan has an impact on the supply of drinking water in some sectors and subdivisions, mainly those located in the higher areas, acknowledged Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros.

The general manager of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage in Mazatlan admitted that the problem is addressed as far as possible since the pressure is too low to reach the highlands and this prevents the supply of newly created human settlements in the north from the city.

“We know we have some problems now with the supply of water for the higher areas, right now we have problems like Flores Magón in its last extension, the sixth extension that is in the upper part of the hill, the area of ​​Cerritos to the north where it is Pacific Blue, Azula Marino, Alta Brisa “.

The situation faced by some subdivisions in the north and upper parts of Mazatlan, said the general manager of the Jumapam, are served through water trucks, so they do not generate major problems these days.

“There’s the trick, they gave them the feasibility in an area where the quota of the land is higher than normal, they are being sent in with water trucks exactly, while we make adjustments, we will solve that, because we are solving it, Now we are taking to the subdivisions those that I just mentioned. We are taking water to the sixth expansion of the Magón Flowers, we are taking water to Lomas Bonita “.

Tiznado Ontiveros pointed out that as far as possible they address the problems of supplying the vital liquid in some areas of Mazatlan, but as long as there is low pressure on the lines during the day, it will prevent housing sectors located at higher areas of the city to receive water, although At night or early morning you will receive the service more securely.

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