Los 41, the LGBT struggle in Mexico


IN 1978, when the first brave men of the Revolutionary Action Homosexual Front took to the streets to fight against LGBTI + discrimination, they imagined a free Mexico, a country that was the same for all. 41 years after that first demonstration, the road traveled has been long; many of our people have remained in the line of struggle and, in honor of them, and those who come, year after year, we continue marching in the streets; pushing agenda in the legislatures to be recognized and treated the same; we continue supporting each other and encouraging Mexican society to be more inclusive and more respectful of the diversity that inhabits this territory we call home.

We are proud that this special edition of Newsweek Mexico brings together, for the first time, the great voices of the LGBT + community that have made their lives a daily meeting for the rights of all. They are part of this number due to their struggle, commitment to our community and because they represent to many generations in struggle, to millions of Mexicans who one day dreamed of loving without fear. His words have saved thousands of lives, his words have motivated respect and love among us, his lyrics have inspired great legal struggles and powerful victories against those who want to see us as second class citizens.

In this edition, Hilda Téllez participates in human rights; Armando Ocampo, activist in labor law; Paco Robledo, activist in labor inclusion; Samantha Flores, activist for older adults; the cultural activist Bertha de la Maza; the Olympic athlete Ricardo del Real; the trans activist Ophelia Pastrana; Ricardo Baruch, activist for the fight against HIV; Álvaro Cueva, columnist and TV critic; Quique Galdeano, from Escándala web portal; in addition, the icons in social networks Pepe and Teo, Tefy Ortiz, Alex Toledo, Jhonny Carmona; the civil associations YAAJ, Impulse, It Gets Better, Mexico Vivo, Colmena 41; The communicators Memo Martínez, Eduardo Iniesta, Itzel Aguilar, Homosensual , and the media El Clóset andDisaster Mx ; Horacio Franco, the great Mexican flutist, proudly LGBT +; the painter Juanjo Sainz; Franka Polari, voguera ; Santiago Pineda; Diego Llamas, of Microsoft Mexico; Manuna, comedian; the columnist and writer Wenceslao Bruciaga; Salvador Irys, of the International Festival of Sexual Diversity, the Museum of Memory and Tolerance; José Antonio Carranza, César Casas, Galo Bertin and the Gran Diabla, businessmen and executives; the deputy Temístocles Villanueva and the lawyer Diana Bayardo, who promote our public and legislative agenda.

Source: newsweek expansion

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