Mazatlan PET containers will return to the Malecon


The Directorate of Ecology and the Environment will create new recyclable containers, in addition to those already available

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Due to the good response that occurred during Holy Week, pet containers will be installed again along the boardwalk during summer vacations; as part of the environmental programs implemented by the Ecology and Environment Department of Mazatlan, informed Lourdes San Juan Gallardo, director of this paramunicipal.

He said that they will continue to implement these measures to raise awareness among the public and, in turn, to rescue this waste that people do not need, but that can benefit them; nevertheless, they occupy committed personnel so that they are aware of the containers, watching and not overflowing.

“We’re going to make more containers, let’s see who supports us; the problem here is going to be the commitment of the person who collects, who does not let it get filled, that is the most important, therefore, we need responsible, safe, reliable, that you count on these people to support you in the projects “.

He mentioned that he will also take help to make them, although it is not expensive, it is laborious, because he needs a lot of donated or recycled material to create them, because thanks to the fact that it is made with this material, people do not steal them.

He added that the containers that Dp Street had installed, will also be reinstalled by the company, they will only wait for their response.

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The Mazatlan Post