Thieves rob up to 50% of the mango production in Sinaloa


Mango producers from the north of the Mexican state of Sinaloa have denounced robberies in their mango orchards, which reach up to 50% of the harvest each season. Representatives of the mango sector have met with authorities of the Municipal Public Security, the Goter Group, and the Federal Police to demand that they reinforce the vigilance in orchards and roads.

Daniel Ibarra Lugo, the president of the Mango Producers and Exporters Association of the Fruit Fly Free Zone, said that the packers didn’t work at night, so the vehicles that transit in the area at night should be investigated to corroborate that they weren’t fruit thieves.

Commander Denis Castro Valdez, the Syndicate Coordinator of the Goter Group, confirmed that they would reinforce operations to fight the robberies, with two operative groups 24 hours a day.

The leader of the mango producers, whose cultivation generates around 10 thousand direct jobs, also asked the inspector in chief of the Los Mochis Federal Police, commander David Rodriguez Manzanarez, and the Coordinator of Cesavesin, Carlos Rodriguez, to increase vigilance so that the vehicles that come from the south of the State to work with the packaging facilities in the North zone are clean and have no traces of products to avoid infections of the fruit fly.

Source: Línea Directa