Mazatlan citizens say yes to fines for littering

  • As of July 30 violators will be Fined
    * There are people who are very filthy

After Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced that as of July 30, people who throw garbage in the streets will be fined, as well as people who remove their waste before the corresponding day.

Sinaloa online sought the opinion of the public to see if they were in agreement with these new measures.

“I agree because there are many people who take out their garbage and the puppies make a pig,” answered one respondent. 
Another said, “It’s okay to be fine because people are very dirty.” 
“They take out their garbage before and it is filled with a worm and it is a plague that can not stand,” he criticized.

Citizens agree with these fines because many times people take out their garbage days before the collector car passes, which produces a bad smell, dirt and even diseases.

And you agree with these fines?

Source: sel

The Mazatlan Post