Culiacan at risk of losing Red Cross for lack of citizen support


Due to the fact that during the 2019 Annual Collection they only managed to collect 7 million of the 10 million pesos, the president of the Benemérita Institución in the capital, Joel Valenzuela Romero, assured that they will continue receiving donations.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Some of the Red Cross operation services, the Culiacan delegation, are at risk due to lack of citizen support, said Joel Valenzuela Romero, president of this institution.

At risk the operation of the Red Cross for lack of citizen support

He reported that the Annual Collection of the Mexican Red Cross 2019 concluded in June, however, the goal of 10 million pesos could not be met, on the contrary, only 7 million pesos were collected.

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Faced with this, he warned that, if the institution is not supported, there is a risk of cutting personnel, suspending ambulance service, or haggling support for some operational bases.

“(Only) we will have capital to continue working for up to 4 months, but at the end of the year there could be personnel cuts or suspend ambulance service, or also support to some operating bases such as Quilá, Eldorado, Costa Rica and Sister Cities “, He said.

Valenzuela Romero, made a call to the IP and the citizenship to continue cooperating, because some businessmen have not contributed their donation.

“We want to make an invitation to all citizens, to all the population and to businessmen who have not contributed their donation, to join with the support for this noble cause,” he exhorted.

He stressed that the growth of Culiacán is proportional to the attention that the Red Cross has to offer.

“We continue to operate with 16 ambulances, but the needs are very great and the Benemérita in Culiacán works according to what the population, the entrepreneurs and the people contribute and help,” he said.

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