A real change !: Mayor of Mazatlan presents Municipal Development Plan


The document establishes five axes with its objectives, goals and action lines to follow, as well as the construction of the first Gerontological Center of the city and an inclusive beach in the tourist destination

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Municipal Development Plan 2018-2021 establishes five guiding axes; Welfare for the People; Prosperity and Economic Growth; Public Services and Urban Development; Order and Security; Efficient and Transparent Government, in itself, each section shows the objectives, defines goals and lines of action to be followed by the local government.

The mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, in front of camarales “business chambers” organisms, local legislators, primary sector, business; To the general public, he presented this document where he defines the proposals and the strategic goals to be followed by the authorities in Mazatlan.  

“Here organized in five axes of government, through 163 operational programs are reflected the objectives, the actions we are going to undertake and the 603 strategic goals that we intend to achieve so that all Mazatlan leads the regional development,” he explained.

The mayor said that work will be done on various strategic projects, that is, in the Citizen Security Center, in the congress and convention offices, even this administration included the fishing sector. It also set a goal of reaching 21 billion pesos in private investment in Mazatlan. 

In the same way, we will work very hard in the rehabilitation and improvement of Rafael Buelna Avenue, because that project will become the emblematic work of the current government.

“We will turn it into a world-class avenue, inclusive, inclusive, with a bike path, in such a way that we have an avenue that divides Mazatlan practically in two, in a decent avenue for all Mazatlan,” he said.

El Munícipe, informed that in coordination with the system for the Integral Development of the Family, they will build the first Gerontological Center of the city, as well as an inclusive beach with specialists so that everyone can go to enjoy the sea.  

“They will build the first Gerontological Center of the city called” Eternal Heart “, which will be a house of social assistance that will have as main objective to provide a place of accommodation for the elderly in a situation of abandonment,” he said.  

With a broken voice and a lump in the throat, the mayor of Mazatlan attacked his mother for having trained him with values ​​and principles, which today are, he said, fundamental to achieve a “real change; deep, root “in the City Hall.  

“I also thank my mother, who with her example, her example and values, forged me in the person I am (sobbing) … an apology. I also thank the words of encouragement that Mazatlan citizens tell us throughout our daily activities, “he said.  

Benitez Torres revealed that the evaluation and monitoring system will be opened to the goals of the operational programs so that they can be met 100 percent, for the good of the citizens, although, he said, it is not an easy task.

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