3 Hondurans migrants arrested for kidnapping a Mexican family


They are also accused of extortion and sexual abuse

A man asked for help from a police patrol of Torreón in the Luis Echeverría neighborhood, as they had his wife and two daughters.

Three men of Honduran origin were detained by the Torreón Police who kidnapped a couple and their two daughters.

They were handed over to the National Migration Institute (INM) for repatriation.

The arrest was made at dawn on Monday, next to the vehicular bridge of the Comonfort Street Prolongation in the Luis Echeverría de Torreón neighborhood.

The police circulated in that sector and were intercepted by a man, who told them that three subjects kept their wife and two daughters.

He told them that on April 19, together with his family, he was a victim of the deprivation of liberty on the part of three individuals, who abused his wife and took a video in which they were threatened with a gun and sent him to relatives in the United States. , demanding that they deposit money in exchange for not hurting them.

The police went to the place he told them and stopped them, where the woman and the two girls were.

They were identified as Yafeth of 21 years, Brandon of 20 and Carlos of 24 years. Two more Hondurans made the same accusation against the detainees at the time they were arrested.

In the State Prosecutor’s Office, it was reported that the alleged affected party did not file a complaint and that the crime was not configured, so on Wednesday, they were handed over to the INM for their repatriation.

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The Mazatlan Post