Mazatlan is in fashion, it’s best moment is right now says Mayor


Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres ” El Quimico” will present on Friday the Municipal Development Plan of Mazatlan; stressed that its main objective is to end corruption in the town hall.

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Mazatlan, Sin.- In the framework of the presentation of the Municipal Development Plan 2018-2021, the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez said that “the Pearl of the Pacific” is in one of its best moments, as well as the growth it has as a destination tourism, the number of entrepreneurs interested in investing in the port is increasing.

“Mazatlan is fashionable, I checked it at the Mayors’ Summit in Los Cabos, at the Tourist Tianguis of Acapulco, many municipalities want to join us, the airlines and the tour operators want to come here. It is the moment of Mazatlan, it is growing like no beach destination right now, “he said in an interview on the First Issuance of Línea Directa.

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Benítez Torres added that the first drone factory specialized in transporting merchandise will soon arrive at the port, which is larger than the traditional ones, and that he was attracted by the facilities to invest and the good quality of life.

He recalled that this Friday at 6 pm will present the Municipal Development Plan 2018-2021, which is divided into five categories: prosperity and economic growth, social welfare, public works and services, order and security, as well as efficient government and transparency.

The mayor said they will comply with the stipulated in the plan and made it clear that he has no right to fail the Mazatlan.

He insisted that its main guiding principle is to end corruption within the municipality, as previous administrations mismanaged resources.

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“We promised that we will end up with corruption and impunity, we have already made progress in this, for example, we have increased the income of the city fivefold and it is not that the people who pay taxes have increased but that the money did not reach where it should arrive. To put it in colloquial terms, they stole the money and we do not shake our hand to signal this, “he said.

Regarding the area of ​​order and security, Luis Guillermo Benítez acknowledged that this is one of the most complicated aspects to attend, not only at the municipal level, but also at the state and federal levels, but he promised to improve attention and vigilance.

To do this, they will rely on technological tools such as mobile applications, which will allow citizens to communicate in real time with police corporations and will even have the option of using a “panic button”.

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