Roofs shaped like a bowl to collect rainwater and cool naturally in arid climates


The scarcity of water suffers more in some regions than in others. Therefore, BMDesign Studios proposes a design for the aridest climates, an architectural solution called concave roof, a double roof system designed to collect and store rainwater, to fight against water scarcity and also achieve natural cooling of the water. building.

The concave roof was designed for arid environments, where the collection of rainwater can be complicated due to high evaporation rates and low annual rainfall. This double roof system, which includes a vaulted ceiling below a bowl-shaped catchment area, is designed to help pick up even the smallest amounts of rain, which melt into larger droplets, just right for pick-up before of it evaporating.

In addition, a concave roof above a convex roof favors natural cooling through the movement of shadow and wind between the two roofs.

The bowl-shaped catchment area is sufficiently inclined to carry raindrops to a central point, where rain is channeled into a storage system. To accommodate the storage system, spaces are used between the walls, in order to help regulate the interior temperature of the building.

Designer:  BMDesign Studios .

Source: ecoinventos

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