Mexico, among the first in recycling


In Mexico, 70 percent of the plastic that is used internally is recycled and the remaining 30 percent is exported

Mexico is in the fourth place of recovery of PET containers in the world, above the United States, said Jorge Treviño, CEO of Ecoce at a press conference.

In Mexico, 8,000 tons of PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) were collected in 2002. 

This amount has increased exponentially since in 2018 438 thousand tons were collected. 

In this year, the recovery rate of this plastic was 56 percent, of which 70 percent is recycled in the country and the remaining 30 percent is exported as waste, said Treviño.

From 2002 to 2017, the price of the kilo of PET increased from 30 cents to 5 pesos with 50 cents, which represents an increase of 1,800 percent. 

In Mexico there are 16 recycling companies with a capacity of 312 thousand tons per year. 

This generates a profit of 2 thousand 400 million pesos with only the PET, 2 thousand 830 direct jobs and approximately 35 thousand indirect.

Global agreement 

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the United Nations Environment Program ( UNEP ) established an agreement with the aim of finding solutions to the causes of plastic waste and pollution. 

The agreement has been signed by more than 285 organizations. 

The goal for 2025 is to eliminate unnecessary plastic items, innovate with the redesign so that all plastics are reusable, recyclable or compostable to keep them away from the environment.


About us?

We are ECOCE

We are an environmental civil association created and sponsored by the consumer products industry. Leader in environmental sustainability and tool of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of our associates, through the recovery of packaging waste and packaging of its products, for recycling in Mexico. We are the first organization in Mexico to propose concrete actions on the proper handling of packaging and packaging waste.

Operates in Mexico the Collective Private National Plan for Waste Management of PET, HDPE, Aluminum and other materials post-consumer packaging Folio registration before SEMARNAT PM-ROTR-008-2013 and before SEDEMA-CDMX PMRCL-L008 / 2017

We attend to the two main problems

Up to now we have been successful, in having a voluntary and pro-active system, sponsored by the industry, which recovers PET waste for its valorization and recycling, in Mexico or abroad, which favors the collection of them by decreasing the amount of these that come to final disposal.

In the same way, we raise awareness in society through communication campaigns and educational programs so that their waste is properly disposed of, thus avoiding visual contamination. 
ECOCE is made up of different industrial groups representing more than 80 brands of products such as soft drinks, mineral waters, purified water, sports drinks, juices, sauces, dressings, condiments, and food.

Our purpose

Joining forces, we build a sustainable future

Our Vision

Source: el debate, ECOCE

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