They sell rings that send your location and copy of cell files in real time


A Brazilian company developed this peculiar invention that many compare with espionage.

The wedding rings symbolize the respect and attachment to another person, however, confidence in the other cannot be so, at least that create a Brazilian company that designed a ring that tells you exactly the location of your partner, that’s , the traditional ring includes a GPS that will let you know where your husband or wife is at every minute.

In addition, not only will you know your location, you will have a notification if you remove the ring because it is connected to an app, and has a thermal sensor.

The invention is called Boyfriend Tracker with the aim of ensuring the safety of the couple, but to some, it seems more a new type of espionage since the functions include sending the person who makes the tracking updates in the location of his partner and resending duplicates of text messages from the selected phone.

Critics say that even as advertised, applications such as Boyfriend Tracker can violate privacy rights, and warn that in the wrong hands could be used for more sinister purposes, such as stalking.

However, and despite the fact that in Brazil it has been a success, Google eliminated the application from the AppStore because it was considered as an element of harassment and data theft for users, its creators are still in negotiations to restore it in the download application, Nowadays, it can be downloaded directly on your page

Could also be used for travel, children, elderly parents, or as extra security measures

Source: milenio

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