Durango-Mazatlan ATV route celebrates 10 years



The adrenaline is about to overflow in the Sierra Madre Occidental, where 10 years of the formation of the Durango-Mazatlan ATV Route will be celebrated.

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It all started with four drivers touring the Sierra de Durango and Sinaloa to live two days of adventure, 10 years later more than 200 drivers have lived this experience.

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The celebration will begin on Thursday, June 20 with the reception of participants, who dine that evening with a meal full of carbohydrates, in addition to the drivers meeting, where the faces of the support team and details of the route will be announced.

On Friday 21, at 08:00 hours will be the departure signal on Avenue 20 de Noviembre, in front of the Cathedral, bound for Garabitos, Cieneguita, Otinapa, and more mountain populations, until you reach Mexiquillo, where they will spend the night and put to point their vehicles to follow their trajectory the next day and get to Mazatlan.

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It should be noted that each of the participants has insurance, which is included in your registration.

In addition to that during the tour you can count on the help of the staff team as well as paramedics; however, in each of the years that the balance has been made, it has been white.

The participating pilots will travel in their vehicles ATV, UTV, and enduro, to travel the roads, gaps, trails, and roads of Durango and Sinaloa, to travel approximately 500 kilometers of adrenaline and excitement.


1. Limit your luggage to two pieces.

2. Take all your personal protective equipment.

3. Hydrate from before the route.

4. Carry liquids with you for the route; there are very few sources of supply.

5. Do not lose sight of your group.

8. Use your GPS; familiarize yourself with it before the route.

9. It is waterproof.

10. It is cold at night; Take a jacket.

13. Sleeping Bag for the night in the Sierra.

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